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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Leaps and bounds

Over the last few months I have tried several new foods, and I have had so much success! I am loving eating turkey and chicken and soy! It is awesome that I can have a normal meal with my family and not just eat the same foods over and over again. I have been in school for about 6 months and am on my way to being a big Kindergartener! Everyday I get bigger and smarter and more independent. I love to do anything on my own and don't want help with anything.

As far as my EE goes, I have been having a lot of success a new type of medicine. In the last year and a half I have gone from 0 foods to 6 foods. Unfortunately even though I have had a lot of success, my most recent trial with rice did not go well :( After about 5 weeks on rice I started having a lot of stuff come back up, lots of coughing/choking, and other symptoms. The Dr. decided to stop the trial and now we are waiting for my body to heal. I have had several scopes since I was last here, and the Dr. always tells me that I am a big brave boy, but my Mommy is glad that I don't have to do it again for awhile.

Here are a few pictures if what has been going on for us in the last 6 months! Thank you so much for praying for me and for taking an interest in my life. IT means a lot to our family.

Monday, September 16, 2013

It's official, I'm an eating machine!

WEll friends, it has been awhile since I last updated you all, and alot has happened!

      The most important thing is that after 7 months being deployed my Daddy made it home safe and sound.

           While he was away I was trying a few new foods. I think I told you last time that I had a successful food trial with beans. This means that from here on out I am able to eat beans in any form. I love Garbanzo pancakes and muffins (picture below)! Following beans I started eating bananas (ick) although it was considered a successful trial I am not a fan! Mommy tries to trick me by adding them into my pancakes, but I can tell the difference! So although I am allowed to eat bananas, I prefer not to.
         The next big thing that happened was that we moved to a new house! The best thing is that we live only half an hour from the Dr. instead of 3 hours! Mommy says this makes her life so much easier :)

          Shortly after my Daddy came home I started a new food trial with potatoes. I have already tried them once, but the Dr. suggested we try them with a new medication (I call it white medicine) and see if it made any difference. Fries, baked potatoes, hashbrowns, chips, mashed potatoes, potato pancakes! ahhh......I love potatoes!

      The next big think that happened was I started pre-K. I love it! I have so many friends and I get to bring my own snack! My favorite are wobbly chips (wavy lays) Everyone works really hard to keep me safe.

      Last week I went back to the hospital for another test. I don't really know what they do because I am asleep, but this time I was pretty scared. The Dr.'s are nurses are so nice. They blew bubbles and gave me a new toy to make me feel better. The Dr. is a place that I recognize well, and they know me too. This time I really wanted my Mommy to hold me until I went to sleep, I even cried a little. They let her :) And the results were GREAT!!! I passed with flying colors! I am now officially able to eat 3 different foods! A year ago I couldn't eat anything, and now I have 3 foods! How awesome is that.

Today we went back to the Dr. to get the lab results and find out what is next. The Dr. thinks soy would be good, I had a very slight reaction on the allergy tests and I didn't enjoy getting poked. So I will go back next week and will eat some soy at the Dr. office and see if it is ok. If I don't have any reaction then I will be on another food trial. In 6 weeks I will go back for another scope and we will start this whole thing over again.  But its ok, I am so lucky to have a Dr. who I love (really, I tried to kiss her but she just gave me a high five) food in my tummy,  and a family that loves me to pieces, what more could a boy want?!?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

2 months....

That's how long since I last had food. I think I told you that pork was a fail and that I was going back on formula for a couple months to get my body healthy again. It was a tough few weeks to start with, I really loved my bacon, but after the first 3 weeks I stopped asking. I have had a busy 2 months.My Daddy left for Afghanistan, which was really sad for our family. We miss him everyday.  I am going potty in a toilet and I started preschool. My Mom says I am awesome and took to it like a fish to water! It's so much fun that instead of crying at drop-off I cry at pick-up. I am growing bigger everyday on my formula.
On Tuesday my Mom and my brother (bubba) and I went to San Diego because I had another procedure on Wednesday. We had a lot of fun going to the movies and seeing my Uncle Darren.
Some other kids in the waiting room were scared and crying when it was time for them to go back but I have done this over 12 times, so I know that I will be fine. Plus Mommy said I could have a cup after we saw the Dr. so I was ready to go when the Dr. came into the room. I am a big boy so I just walked myself into the operating room :)
The tests looked good, so now we know that my body is definitely tolerating the formula. So the next step is more allergy testing and then a new food hopefully within the next week!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's Been a while....

Hi Friends, I know it has been awhile since I posted but we have had a busy few months. Most of you know that I failed the tuna food trial, much to our surprise. The Dr. originally told us that it was a pass, but upon further testing it looks like I had a reaction, although much smaller then any in the past. I took a break from food for about 6 weeks to get my body back to normal and then started pork. Oh man.... bacon is amazing! I ask for it every day. After 3 months of pork I am sad to say that I will no longer be enjoying this delicious meat. I have failed yet another food trial. I am really mad, and quite grumpy about the situation. Please pray for our family in the next couple months because living on liquid is not fun for me or my family. After 6 weeks of formula I will be going back in for another endoscopy to make sure my body is all clear. If it is then I will begin another food trial, this time accompanied by steroids to help keep my body clear. This is a trial medication, well the medication is not a trial but using it this way is a trial. So we don't know if it will work. Yesterday we went to the Dr. and after 4 hours got a bit of good news , some allergy tests that had previously been positive came back negative. This gives me more options for food trials!

I turned 3 last month and my parents took me to Disneyand! We had so much fun riding all the rides, I am finally tall enough for a lot of stuff!

In other news i am going to be starting pre-school in a couple weeks! Scary for my Mommy but so exciting for me! 2 days a week with a bunch of other kids my age, what could be better. Now I just need to get going on this potty training! Thanks for following my journey :) I am so lucky to have so many people who care about me!

Monday, June 4, 2012

No Tuna, no peaches, whats next?

In the past few months we have tried a couple different foods. I loved Tuna, and ate it right up! IT was so good and filling. After 2 months of eating tuna I had another endoscopy and the Dr. was very happy with the results. My mom was so happy she started crying! I finally had a food that my body would let me eat. Unfortunately the Dr. was wrong. The labs came back and although not as bad as some of the foods I have tried in the past, tuna was out. After a month of eating just formula Mommy started trying to feed me peaches, ick! I did not like them. Slimy and drippy, not to my liking at all. Mommy made them into chips and they were so good! Too bad they made me very sick! After only 3 days i was not feeling good at all and having a lot of problems. Peaches are a fail for sure! Now we are out of foods to try, or i should say out of foods that I am willing to try. I don't like anything that is slimy of wet or juicy. After eating only meat for the past year I just don't like how it feels. I am actually ok with just having formula and the Dr. gave us formula in a juice box that I LOVE!  We see the Dr. next week, and maybe she will have some ideas for me :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Summer isn't easy

You know what I love to do? I love to go to the park and slide! It is my favorite thing to do outside. I would happily spend hours going up and down the slide behind my house. Too bad for me there are a lot of dangers at the park. A child leaving a cheese cracker on the ground can become a case of serious diarrhea, and a peanut can send me to the ER. I want to eat everything, and as a 2 year old I don't really understand why I can't. Today I got ahold of some of my brothers popcorn, and within a few hours was very sick.... this is not fun! So for those who aren't in the loop, I am eating tuna right now. I have been eating it for about 3 months (endoscopy coming nest week) and I really don't know how I am doing. My mom really hates to even guess at this point because it is sad when I fail a food trial. Pray for a clear endoscopy next week if you have a chance. We are at the end of our choices for proteins, so far I have had a reaction to chicken, turkey, beef, pork and lamb.